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Join Sofradir EC, a Leader in Infrared and Low-light Imaging Technology!

We're located in Fairfield NJ, considered a part of the New York metropolitan area. Formerly known as Electrophysics Corp., the company was originally incorporated in 1969 and quickly became a leader in the design, development and marketing of infrared and low-light imaging systems. Today, we offer infrared and low-light imaging customers both discrete imaging components, as well as certain modules and finished products to enable a wide range of applications. Our design, engineering and production capabilities, as well as technical and service support, continue to be our strengths.

In 2008 the company joined Groupe Sofradir, one of the world's leading infrared imaging technology companies. As the Groupe's US subsidiary, Sofradir EC promotes both advanced infrared imaging detectors manufactured by Sofradir, as well as uncooled infrared imaging arrays manufactured by ULIS for military, space and commercial applications. Customers include all branches of the US Military and Federal law enforcement agencies, as well as many other government organizations. Sofradir EC also continues to design, manufacture and market high performance, low-light and thermal imaging systems critical to a variety of mission scenarios.

Sofradir EC, Inc. offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits, including:
  • 401K,
  • Health and Life Insurance, and
  • Participation in our flexible spending plan

Should you wish to be considered and feel you meet the qualifications for any of the positions available, please complete a Contact Us form and indicate the job posting of interest. For the open postings, we will contact you. Alternatively, feel free to mail your resume to: Careers Manager, Sofradir EC, Inc., 373 US Hwy 46W, Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA. Please include a cover letter that highlights information that you feel will be important to us when reviewing your resume including your ability to perform the desired responsibilities, your fulfillment of the requirements and your salary history.

Visit our websites, thermal-cameras and nightvisioncameras to learn more about company and our fascinating line of imaging systems.

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Sofradir EC, Inc.
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