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About Us
Sofradir EC, Inc.
Sofradir EC, Inc. is a US-based electro-optics product designer and manufacturer for use in infrared and low-light imaging. The company provides defense contractors, original equipment manufacturers and end-users with custom and commercial off-the-shelf sub-assemblies and finished products for their military, commercial and research applications.
The company's primary product group areas include:
Cooled infrared imaging detectors and engines
  Uncooled infrared imaging detectors and cores
  High performance infrared imaging cameras and viewers
  Low-light night vision modules for photography and videography
Sofradir-EC Facility

As the US subsidiary of the Sofradir Group of companies, Sofradir EC has access to the world's leading infrared imaging technology. The ~50-person company is based in Fairfield, New Jersey, located in the New York metropolitan area. The staff includes design and manufacturing engineers that are experts in imaging electronics, detector signal processing, calibration tooling/implementation and optical design. The production and operations staff members are proficient in electro-optical and electro-mechanical assembly, calibration and testing. The technical sales and marketing teams and program managers assist customers in determining the proper specifications to achieve the performance that they require.

Brief History
May 1969 Incorporated as Electrophysics Corporation
Dec 2008   Acquired by Sofradir SAS and renamed Sofradir EC, Inc.
Aug 2012   Facility expansion to increase production capacity
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Electro-optical Assembly Area
  Calibration Area
August 2012 Facility expansion increases
production and calibration capacity
Quality Management
Our policy of making customers our top priority pervades all levels of the company. As such, we've established quality management system that assures processes are in place throughout our organization to make us better and to continuously improve. We manage our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders according to the ISO 9001 standards.
  • Listed in the Register of Quality Assessed companies
  • Complies to the International Quality Management System: Standard ISO 9001
Our ethical Guidelines is setting forth the principles and standards Read More ...
Contact Information and Getting Here
Sofradir EC, Inc.
formerly Electrophysics Corp.
a Groupe Sofradir Company
373 US Hwy 46W
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Tel: 973-882-0211
Fax: 973-882-0997
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About Sofradir

Sofradir, Inc.

Sofradir develops and manufactures advanced infrared detectors for military, space and commercial applications. The company has become a market leader in cooled IR detectors based on sophisticated Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) technology. Sofradir offers a wide product portfolio of scanning and staring arrays that cover the entire infrared spectrum. Sofradir's headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located near Paris, France and near Grenoble, France, respectively. Together with its subsidiaries ULIS and Sofradir EC, Sofradir employs more than 550 people and has annual turnover (2011) of approximately $200 million. For more information, visit

Sofradir Facility  

About ULIS

A spin-off of Sofradir, ULIS was founded in June 2002 to better serve the growing needs of high volume uncooled infrared technology customers. ULIS develops, manufactures and sells amorphous silicon-based microbolometers that are sold primarily to original equipment manufacturers. Located near Grenoble, France, ULIS has become the fastest growing microbolometer manufacturer. For more information, visit

Sofradir Facility

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Sofradir EC, Inc.
373 US Hwy 46W, Fairfield, NJ 07004 USA  |  Tel: 973.882.0211  |  Fax: 973.882.0997

An ISO 9001 Certified Company.